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Ashes to Life

Comparisons in Time Travel Cop Shows

Podfic: No better than she should be, Brown Cortina, Annie/Alex
Title: No better than she should be
Author: petronelle
Reader: talkingtothesky
Rating: Brown Cortina
Pairing: Annie Cartwright/Alex Drake
Wordcount: 2,711
File: .mp3, 13mb, 14:01
Notes: Recorded for the audiofemme KISSES fest on Dreamwidth.

Link to fic: No better than she should be

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Download from sendspace

Brand New - Life On Mars Kink Meme
In light of feeling the need for a kink meme for LifeonMars/AshestoAshes I would like to advertise a new kink meme I've set up which can also serve as an fic meme as well.

Please come and join the brand new Life on Mars Kink Meme.

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Fic: Holding hands in the park, White Cortina, multiple pairings
Title: Holding hands in the park
Rating: G/White Cortina
Pairings: Oh, gosh, implied everyone. Sam/Gene, Ray/Chris, Alex/Shaz, Gene/Annie, Sam/Annie, Gene/Alex.
Wordcount: 598
Notes: Reposting from the Kink Meme, this is somewhat silly fluff, set in an AU where they're all there in London together

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Ficlet: Such Impossible Dreams, Alex/Annie
Title: Such Impossible Dreams
Rating: G/White Cortina
Pairing: Alex/Annie, with mentions of Sam/Annie and Gene/Alex
Word count: 250
Notes: Spoilers for A2A 3x08 and LoM 2x08. Written for the prompt 'fade' at femslash100 .
Summary: Alex meets some long-lost friends.

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pulp: don't even talk to me
24 Doctor Who icons
5x04: Time of Angels
17 Stargate SG-1 icons
1x13: Hathor
11 Life on Mars icons
34 Maou icons
Various: Naruse-centric

Here at sexualcarnival.

So now we know ……. would you rather not have known ??
made by <lj user="zestylime"</lj user>

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08 - Ashes to Ashes
19 - Life on Mars

here @ nightingails

Fic: Ashes to Ashes, 'One Shot', PG-15 (1/1)
A2A - Gene 1983/Gene 1953

Title: One Shot

Author: Rosie [info]precious_rosie 

Character: Gene Hunt (PC 6620)

Rating: PG –15, for language

Disclaimer: Ashes to Ashes remains the property of the BBC & Monastic Productions

Summary: 1953, Lancashire. “He’s not some snotty kid in a uniform. Oh, no. He’s Gary Cooper in High Noon. He’s the law.” ~ Gene Hunt, Ashes To Ashes; Series 3, Episode 8

WarningsSpoilers for S3 Ep 8 (Series Finale), swearing.

Word Count: 761

Beta: Lou Lou aka [info]shy_nerthuserce  for her help, support, and suggestions. Any mistakes are my own.

Author’s Note: Certain phrases have been lifted shamelessly from S3 Ep 8.

"He’s Gary Cooper in High Noon. He’s the law.”

Coronation Day by DorsetGirl, White Cortina, Gen
Title: Coronation Day
Author: DorsetGirl
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 1,500 words approx
Fandom: Ashes to Ashes
Spoilers for Ashes to Ashes episode 3.08
Warning: It’s impossible to give a warning without 3.08 spoilers, so please check out the title. If you don’t understand from the title exactly what I’m warning for, it’s best you don’t read this until you’ve watched 3.08 (Please note that this is written from the pov of someone who wasn’t there, so there are no details at all and certainly nothing graphic).
A/N: The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place in the late morning on 2nd June 1953. Those people who could afford a television invited friends and neighbours in to watch the ceremony with them. Afterwards, there were street parties to celebrate.

My apologies to people who are waiting for replies from me; half term is over and the kids are back at school today, but the idea for this hit me yesterday and I just had to write it before I did anything else. And now I've got to do school stuff *headdesk* so I'll do my best to get to my messages tomorrow.

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Life on Mars: Gene (Alone)

Join lom_a2a_land ! There will be challenges based equally on both shows and they will range from things such as puzzles, quizzes, fanfics, graphics and more. We need more members to get going though! So come and join either Team Alex, Team Annie, Team Sam or Team Gene and help your favourite character to victory!
Posted with mod permission.